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this is wjz tv, wjv haste hd, baltimore. from the city to the counties, to your neighborhood. now, it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. casey anthony in hiding. >> boycott casey. >> angry crowds taunt her as she is freed from jail. tonight, new concerns for her safety and what comes next. good evening everyone and thanks for joining us. i'm adam may. casey anthony just spent her first full day as a free woman. we report from the jail in orlando, florida, where casey was released. >> reporter: casey anthony confidently walked out of jail sunday and has yet to be seen. but that didn't stop hundreds still seeking justice for her
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daughter, caylee. they marched to the anthonys home from the site where the toddler's remains were found in 2008. >> i have two children and it just breaks my heart. >> reporter: the florida mother spent nearly three years behind bars. anthony reenters a world where many are still angry. a jury acquitted her of murder in 2-year-old caylee's death. >> she needs to pay for what she's done to this baby. a 2-year-old baby. >> casey anthony had $537 in her pocket, money sent my admirers. not even her parents know where she is. all her attorney would tell them in a text was that she was safe. >> reporter: security experts believe she's a genuine target. >> she's going to need some immediate protection, immediate security and that's going to involve hiding her out, getting her in a place where the public can't reach her. >> reporter: security is expensive but with interview
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offers ranging up to $1 million, anthony may be able to afford her new life of infamy. in orlando, karen brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> and anthony does still face some civil lawsuits stemming from the lies she told police the days after she reported her daughter missing. back here in maryland, a 3- year-old girl is safe after she was briefly kidnapped by her own father. her father, who does not have custodial rights, took her from a park and made a threat against her life allegedly. he did drop that girl off with a relative and turned himself in after he saw that amber alert. in just a few hours, two men chargalled in the connection with a scandal will go to court. prosecutors say they ordered automated phone calls intended to suppress voters. he was not accused of any wrongdoing. well, there has been
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another high-profile arrest in britain's phone hacking scandal. police took the former c.e.o. of rupert murdock's newspaper empire into custody today. rebecca brooks is suspected of hacking into people's phones to try to get information for news stories. so far, 10 people have been arrested in the scandal. now, this comes as the fbi is now investigating whether journalists tried to hack the phones of 9/11 victims. that has many people upset. wjz is live tonight. we have reaction from a maryland man who survived 9/11. >> nearly 10 years later, he's still counting his blessings that he made it out of the world trade center on that fateful day, but if these allegations are true, they would institute an outrageous invasion of privacy. >> reporter: when planes struck the world trade center in 2001, steve peck was on the 63rd floor of one of the buildings.
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he remembers what he calls one of the greatest rescue missions ever. >> the firefighters and police officers that gave their life that day, 30,000 of us got out and many thanks to them. >> reporter: that's why he and many others touched by the tragedy want answers from the fbi. did news corps reporters from their british tabloid newspaper attempt to hack cell phones? a group of lawmakers made a direct request for the inquiry to the fbi director. >> they're entitled to know if their privacy is vitaminned. >> reporter: lawmakers cited reports that journalists tried to solicit an investigator in new york to try to obtain victim's cellphone numbers or cell phones. the allegations are disturbing to steve peck and if there's any truth to it, he says justice is in order. >> i was lucky that day. i got out. and it bothers me. i can only imagine it for people who lost loved ones, how they would feel that someone
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was listening in on their most private phone conversations. >> i think they need to prosecute that to the fullest law. >> the fbi has a policy they will not comment on any ongoing investigations. meanwhile, attorney general eric holder confirms the department of justice is looking into these allegations, as well. wjz eyewitness news. >> all right, live for us tonight, thanks. nearly 3,000 people were killed during the attacks on the world trade center and pentagon in 2001. switching to weather right now, we are closely watching a new tropical storm. it just formed in the atlantic ocean. let's go to meteorologist bernadette woods. she is tracking that storm. where is it? >> it is just off the coast of florida and it's our second tropical storm of the year. let's go right to the graph and show you this is tropical storm bret. it's not moving around too much. wends are up to 40 miles per hour but here's the deal: eventually, a front moving that way is going to pick up this storm and kick it out to sea, keeping it away from the united states. at least that's the track
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that's predicted right now. if something happens with the front, that could change the track. at this point, though, again, winds 40 miles per hour, that does make it a tropical storm. it will gain some strength before it does head out to sea and we'll keep you updated on that. >> that is coming, thanks. a man has died after a stolen car crashed into his van. the accident happened yesterday afternoon on bell and ferndale avenues. police say that a shooting suspect crashed a stolen car in the other man's vehicle. that victim was ejected and died at the hospital. so far, no charges have been filled in the case. a gas station clerk is shot burg a robbery in bel air. it happened on west mcphail road. the suspect ran away from the area. the clerk was taken to the hospital, his condition is unknown tonight. well, an arrest could be just around the corner in anunsolved murder. the family of a young man who was killed at a birthday party
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have been actively seeking justice and helping other families. >> reporter: almost three years to the day after gunshots rang out, the family says police are close to making an arrest in his murder. >> they had told me as far as they were concerned, my son's case was solved. it's going back to the state's attorney as of monday. >> reporter: the crime changed her forever. she founded the group m.o.m.s., mothers of murdered sons, their second annual meeting sadly bigger than the year before. >> my son was 16. >> he was 29 years old. he was gunned down. it's a pain that i can't even explain. i just -- you know -- i just need support.
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and the reason why is because i know these mothers, they know my pain. >> reporter: but that feeling is difficult for her to acknowledge. >> i don't feel comfortable being around a whole group of people of murdered sons. i know. it's not like a group that i want to be part of but i guess i am. >> reporter: the group hopes to keep pressure on police to solve murders and change attitudes of violence among youth. >> you can be innocent and it's happening and the black community has got to stop accepting this is as a way of life. it's not god's will, it never will be, and it needs to stop. >> very active mother there. police say around 50 people were at the party during the murder. they hope that more witnesses will come forward. police are identifying the victim of a plane crash in southern maryland. james dayton died when his glider crashed into the woods. another man survived the crash
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but he remains in critical condition. investigators are hoping to release some more information in the next week. there is a new plan to crack down on striped bass fishing. tonight, we report on the rush to take action. >> reporter: 13 times of illegally caught bass, just as the season opened. it happened back in february. the catch temporarily shut down the season and sparked a firestorm of debate between legal watermen and natural resources police. >> they showed up and knew what they were doing. to me, they're just as bad. >> reporter: what the department of natural resources, a clear-cut plan to track illegal nets and crack down on poachers. now, there's a proposal in the works. >> this is as bad as it's
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gotten. there is potential that there could still be some nets out there. >> reporter: he runs the fisheries division. he says the new plan would require legal watermen it to mark their nets and phone in their catch locations before and after they leave the docks. but some fissuremen say constant call-ins could be a problem because of low cellphone coverage in the bay. >> this is a new system for maryland. we don't have anything like this in place right now. so we will be working on this. >> police want the new measureapproved and in place months before the start of the season on december 1st. i'm gigi barnett, wjz eyewitness news. and they want to complete that plan for approval by watermen next month. well, orioles fans helped wjz knock it out of the park this weekend for the third day, members of our wjz family, collected canned goods as part of our continuing community commitment. wjz teamed up with masn and the
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orioles to feed the hungry. the proceeds will benefit the maryland food bank. we had so much support out there this week and i know a lot of us here at the station had a great time doing it, meeting a lot of our viewers out there. thanks again everyone for your support this year. look forward to doing it again next year. still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news, a veterinarian jumps into action using cpr to save a bald eagle. see more of this amazing rescue. an suv flies off an overpass and lands on top of a taxi in new york city. what happened to the passengers and why police believe it happened. also -- >> i can't believe that something like that would happen in this day and age. >> it's truly shocking. a racist sign leaves a beach resort in shock. the search for the people responsible. i'm meteorologist bernadette woods. after a beautiful weekend weather-wise, we do have some hotter air moving our way and we'll have that coming up in your first warning forecast after this break. hey parents, it's going to be a, big school year.
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see, i'm not just teaching woodwinds and strings. i'm teaching attitude! if your kids want to sound cool, they have to look cool! so, here's what they'll need: denim, graphic tees, leggings and tunics, more denim, backpacks, headphones, hair gel, denim, converse one star shoes, denim, shaun white hoodies and denim. it's 79 degrees and clear in central maryland right now, a big warmup's on the way. bernadette will have the details, coming up. it looks like a scene from a movie but this was as real as it gets. seven people were inside that suv when it flipped over off an elevated road in new york and fell 35 feet below and crashed
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onto that taxi. miraculously, everyone survived. police say the driver of the land rover told them that someone cut him off. a woman accused of sexually assaulting a tsa agent is racking up a lot of support in the worldwide web. a facebook group called acquit is quickly gaining fans. the 61-year-old allegedly grabbed and twisted a tsa officer's breast after she received to go through security at the airport in phoenix. facebook fans are applauding her act, some even call her a modern day rosa parks. well, a neighborhood dispute takes a nasty turn in new jersey. someone posted a sign outside an apartment complex saying the parking spots were for whites only. property owners are african- american. police say neighbors have complained about some noise before but they aren't sure that's the same group of neighbors that put up the hateful sign. >> i can't believe that
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something like that would happen in this day and age. >> this is something that happened back in the '40s and '50s. this does not happen in wildwood. >> very unusual for that area. police have said that the sign is gone now. they're trying to figure out who put it there. going beyond the call of duty. a veterinarian saves a bird by giving it mouth-to-beak resuscitation. take a look at this video. the injured bald eagle stropped breathing during an exam so dr. conway started breathing into the bird's beak. well, that move saved the bird's life. right now, the bird is being nursed back to health so he can fly, once again. parts of the country are sweating it out as the sizzling heatwave continues. there is no sign of the dangerous heat ending any time soon. >> reporter: it's been so hot for so long in oklahoma that the governor called for a statewide day of prayer in hope
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of some divine intervention. for 47 straight days, temperatures in oklahoma city have been 90 or more. there has been only one day below 100 so far this month, and it's expected to be 100 degrees or more through at least friday. this summer's searing heat is setting new standards. this month alone, high temperature records have been tied or broken over 800 times. a half dozen cities not only broke records for a particular day but set all-time highs since records have been kept. >> never in my life i don't think it was this dry. >> reporter: extremely dry weather is blamed on fires that have already burned nearly 5 million acres in the southwest so far this summer. this is the driest start to the year ever in new mexico. the u.s. drought monitor released thursday showed 29% of the country in droughts, 12% of the country in exceptional drought, the largest extent on record, which means tough times for plants and animals.
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>> it's a tough year for all crops involved, and there will be probably some producers that don't survive for another year. >> the latest heatwave will last through the week. it is also marked by high humidity. that made temperatures in the mid-90s feel like they were in the 100s. high humidity makes it more difficult for the body to cool itself and thus it's a lot more dangerous. cynthia bowers, cbs news, chicago. >> meteorologist bernadette woods right here. these heat advisories and warnings are in effect for 17 states right now. >> and as we were talking about, it goes all the way from texas straight up to the canadian border. it goes from the deserts out west and it's now creeping eastward. so we're eventually going to get in on it. >> and you throw in the humidity in some of those places, they're hitting 115 in the upper midwest right now. >> and i forget the actual number but even in dallas, which gets hot this time of year, the string of 100 plus days is really adding up. >> so is that all moving here?
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>> that's the air moving here but it's coming in two different ways. we start to warm up tomorrow. that's not the record-breaking heat that we were just talking about. that's coming later in the week. so we'll get to that in just a moment. 91 degrees is where we stopped out today after sarting out the day at 68. that average of 88, we're not getting close to it. we're going to go way by it this entire week. tonight, coming in at 79 degrees, ask the numbers are starting to creep up because of the southwesterly winds and with the southwesterly wind, we now have code orange air quality alerts in effect for all of these counties and they're likely to be extended for most of the week and later in the week probably up to code red warnings because air quality's going to get pretty rough because of this. we were just showing you a story on the heat and even at this hour, it's 106 in phoenix. so 92 in dallas, still close to 90 in parts of the northern
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plains. that is the air that's moving in our direction. as we said, part of it comes tomorrow because of a cold front that's approaching us. the other thing that cold front's going to do is deflect tropical storm bret out to sea, keep it away from the east coast because this right here is that new tropical storm that we were just talking about at the beginning of the show. the way it all comes together, it's not moving much right now, still offshore with winds about 40 miles per hour but over time, it gets pulled to the north and eventually, gets a huge kick out to the east because of the front coming our way and you can see winds at this point are 40 miles per hour, it's moving off to the southeast. so drifting barely at 2 miles per hour. it will start to do some loops. as far as the front goes, this is the timing of that, comes down from the north and scoots out of here by wednesday. chance for thunderstorms late tomorrow afternoon. the heat is going to follow. so out on the water, as those winds pick up out of the
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southwest tomorrow, tonight we go down to about 70 degrees. that's it. and tomorrow, we get up to 93 and that is just the beginning. that cold front comes through, we stay in the 90s, and then we go to the upper 90s by the end of the week. adam? >> not looking forward to that. coming up next in sports, the orioles are on a winning track these days, pop the champagne at two in a row. champagne at two in a row. stan has hig,, [ bailiff ] fee court is now in session.
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stan is here with our sports report. >> i've got to give a special shoutout to brenda, gerald, and mijo, we tore it up today, raising food and getting a whole bunch of money for the homeless and people that need food here in baltimore. but today's starting orioles pitcher, he got shellacked early on. 3-0 in the 1st inning before the birds comfortably won their
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second straight. skipper buck showalter in game four of four looking for the first birds win streak in nearly a month, against cleveland. cranking at a three-run homer on this pitch in the 5th inning from gomez. andino had four rbis. markkoji uehara had a 1-2-3 shut down 9th inning. birds win their second straight after having lost nine in a row. here's the skipper on koji. >> the more you look at it, you go a week or so and you check this numbers again, he's putting together some type of year. >> so after today's 8-3 win, boston in town tomorrow. women's world cup soccer, scoring on japan that makes it 2-1. japan fought down from two deficits, tieing it at 2-2.
11:27 pm
penalty kick phase, usa misses and japan hits its first, fast forward, sawa gets the game winner. japan beats team usa 3-1 in the shootout to become the new queens of soccer globally. british open, windy day in sandwich, england. mickelson draining the eagle putt to go to 5 under and tied aaron clark for the year. but this belongs to mr. daren clark, three sub-par rounds before today's even 70. the 42-year-old winner of the british open. hey, kyle busch. the winner. excuse me, kirt busch, no, no, ryan newman. that's sports for now. hope you have a good weekend. still to come at 11:00, some smooth moves. a man showing off his dancing skills at the baseball stadium.
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we'll show you what he can do coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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well, this guy looks like fun. a baseball fan brought his dancing shoes to a seattle mariners game. [ laughter ] ♪[ music ] >> check that out. he does everything even the robot right there. he busted out his best bookies. you can see there, his kids, yeah, they got into the fun, too. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,
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